Override Settings

Sometimes you may want to override a few of the settings.

A good example of this is if you have Commentics installed locally and online, and they're sharing the same database. Instead of having to constantly change the email and system settings in your admin area depending on which environment it is, you can just set them using your config file.

                        /* Override Settings */
                        define('CMTX_SITE_DOMAIN', '');
                        define('CMTX_SITE_URL', '');
                        define('CMTX_COMMENTICS_URL', '');

Anywhere in the file, add a define starting with "CMTX_" followed by the title of the setting (found in the settings database table) that you want to override. The example above shows a few of the settings from 'Settings -> System'.

This feature was made available in Commentics v4.1.