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Comments Problem For Individual Articles

OK, enabling the 'Auto Detect' setting fixed the problem of the comment module and the comments are being posted. Is the captcha case sensitive? I've finally figured out where to disable some of the items that appeared on the comment form so that is finally looking the way I want it to. My problem is that it is not commenting on the specific article and I can't for the life of me figure out what the identifier is. This is what the url looks like when I want to comment on a specific article...perhaps that can tell you what it might be? http://localhost/phpblog/

Thanks for your help.

Try this:
PHP Code:
$cmtx_identifier $_GET['post-slug']; 

That's assuming "mlb---2020" is unique to that post.

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mlb-2020 is the title of the article and unfortunately, post-slug did not work because the test comment I added to the mlb-2020 article is visible on other articles.

That shouldn't be the case. I'd have to debug it because I'm not sure what's happening. If you can put it online somewhere and PM me the FTP details I'll take a look.

Have you completed the interview?

Thanks for providing your FTP details. For security I'm going to delete the PM with the details now.

I had a look and this is what you had in the integration code:

PHP Code:
$cmtx_identifier '$results["article"]->title';
$cmtx_reference  'Comments Section'

The main problem with it was that '$results["article"]->title' wasn't being interpreted as code in PHP because it was wrapped in single quotes. That's why you had the same comments on every page. Also I think the blog title is better as the reference rather than the identifier. Firstly because it allows you to change your blog title without messing up the comments and secondly because your page references will now be meaningful. For the identifier I've put your articleID because that's what is unique about each page and will always stay consistent no matter what content you change on your page. This is what I've changed it to:

PHP Code:
$cmtx_identifier $_GET['articleId'];
$cmtx_reference  $results['article']->title

Have you completed the interview?

Excellent, thanks for getting this to work for me.

Couple more questions.
I noticed that if place a [LINE] in front of the comment, a line separates my name from the actual comment. How can I add code to make that the default when entering a comment.

I noticed that the security question and the captcha does not open up until I press either the Preview or Add Comment button. Is that by design or am I missing something?

Lastly, I noticed that I have to refresh the page for the comment to be that also by design?

The security question and the captcha display when the user focuses on either the name or email field. That's by design. If you want everything to be open by default you can change that in 'Settings -> Layout -> Form' by clicking the 'here' link at the top of the page and disabling the 'Hide' setting.

I just submitted a test comment on one of your articles and it displayed straight away. I didn't need to refresh the page.

Have you completed the interview?

Also your blog's stylesheet is adversely interfering with Commentics. I'd suggest adding these styles to improve things:

.cmtx_sort_by_field {
display: inline-block !important;
position: static;

.cmtx_container input, .cmtx_container select, .cmtx_container textarea, .cmtx_container label {
width: auto;

.cmtx_average_rating > label {
padding: 0;

.cmtx_checkbox_container label {
float: none;
width: auto;

Have you completed the interview?

In testing on the local drive, the name and email address remained in the boxes, which is why the bottom half of the form did not display until I clicked the Add Comment or Preview button. It is interesting that the comment displayed right away on the live site and did not on the local drive.

As for adding the styles you suggest, I assume you mean to comments.css file?

I do I add the code to make the [LINE] entry in the comment text area by default, or is it even possible?

I found out that the styles you suggested were to be added to the style.css file of the blog script. Unfortunately, when I did that it shrunk the comment text area to a very small size although you can drag the text area as far as you want. I'm afraid that some of the users may not know they can do that. I also noticed that the bottom two options to send email and keep the user data was extended so they are on one line instead of 3. I did not notice any other changes that happened when adding the styles. For the moment I have left the style.css file as is. I would like to place the two bottom options on one line if possible. Can that be accomplished without changing the styles?

I have been looking closer at this application and did not realize all the features that it contains. thanks for making it available and I can certainly attest to the great support you provide.

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